As a qualified and accomplished professional with an academic background in Criminal Justice Policy, I have rich and extensive experience spanning over 20 years in the legal field in the City of London and 12 years as a Project Manager working in the areas of Mentoring, Youth Inclusion and Community Safety projects nationally. During that period, I also set up a Personal Development Consultancy designing and delivering programmes and workshops to young offenders and socially excluded children and young people. My last two years in the charitable sector were spent working as an Operations Manager for a police national children’s charity.

I have found my career journey to be both varied and interesting and, I believe, has equipped me with a deep understanding of the importance of goal-setting in order to move from one state to another whether in a personal performance capacity or in the executive and corporate world.

My decision to become a Personal Performance and Corporate & Executive Coach has seemed like a natural progression bearing in mind my legal and voluntary sector background. However, making the decision meant setting myself the goal of undertaking the 2 Diplomas with the Coaching Academy and my efforts have paid off!

I am now able to put all my past experience and knowledge into supporting people to succeed in their chosen goals. Having worked in the corporate world for a significant period of time I am able to recognise areas where companies can make changes that would impact significantly on performance and outputs and where executives can use their strengths more positively so as to achieve personal and career development goals.

If you believe you can – YOU CAN! Coaching is a vehicle that will facilitate the process.