One of the things that I greatly appreciated, and testament to the strength of Angela’s coaching style, was the clarity and focus that formed a core part of goal setting in each session. Never before have I found the setting and achievement of personal goals so fulfilling! I cannot understate the positive impact that these coaching sessions have had on my life in both a personal and professional sense. I have achieved the majority of the goals that I set for myself, with the remainder as works in progress. I now understand the importance of the way in which objectives are set in order to make them achievable, but it also highlighted to me how much I am in control of my own development and progress. Whilst this has been a personally rewarding experience, I must also acknowledge the value of the forum Angela provided to facilitate my efforts and her coaching approach which was extremely encouraging, supportive and insightful. For this I am most grateful. I would wholeheartedly recommend Angela without reservation.