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Personal Performance Coaching

Designed to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  This is a systematic process that will guarantee results based on your willingness and commitment to take the journey on the area of your life that you wish to focus on.  Such areas can include personal development, relationships, family issues, career and work/life balance etc.  The coach will facilitate the process through a structured questioning and subsequent goal-setting process.

Corporate and Executive Coaching

If you need a moment to reflect and pose difficult questions, think about strategic decisions and make the right choice for your organisation then our facilitating services can help. We focus on individuals, teams and organisations within the corporate world and aim to assist in the process of development whether people or task focused.  Individuals may require coaching in respect of career development and management whilst organisations may require coaching in change management, conflict resolution and effective team management.

Project & Programme Management/Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of customised services to assist organisations with the core planning, execution and delivery of projects and programmes together with change management.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience and have a proven track record of helping to improve organisational performance and systems engineering.  We can also deliver tailor made training for staff, senior managers and Board/Trustees.

Executive Management/Consulting Services

A professional consultancy with proven results in a variety of industries and organisations, offering a tailor-made service focusing on business planning/governance, transformational leadership, strategic planning and customer services. We also offer a variety of staff development and management training workshops.

Mentoring and Mediation Services

Bespoke mentoring and mediation training programmes specifically designed for organisations working with children and young people.