Case studies

What our clients say

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and believe it has been of real value with tools and techniques that can be employed in my day to day role and I have been able to implement a number of strategies to help manage my time and my admin and to help relieve some of the pressure I put on myself. Its early days but I believe the sessions will help in this area as well. I have set up new work folders and calendar reminders to help manage information and have determined a delegation strategy. Being able to stop, think and work through strategies that will help me in my day to day management of my time. The delivery of the coaching sessions was excellent and the coach was very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and very capable of speaking in an open and interesting way. I would definitely recommend this experience to others.’

Sandra James Manager - Corporate Organisation

Coaching has given me clarity from personal chaos and allowed me to sleep in a peaceful state. Angela manages to propel you to produce positive energy from negative states. Discussions have given me action points and the mindset of achievement, solution-finding and have improved my motivation. The sessions allowed me to re-enforce dreams/desires I had buried, inspiring me to set targets leading to small achievements, thus improving my confidence to set goals that I thought were impossible. The experience is one that will guide assist and direct your focus to give you what you want in your personal performance.

Tanya WallisIntervention Mentor

Angela is a highly competent, professional coach, as well as being a great person. Her passion for performance improvement means that she has a unique way in which she consults, her insight and intuition were invaluable in helping me develop in business and personally – the results were instant. I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to improve themselves.

Beverley Browne Managing Director - Palm Trees Catering

Being an owner/manager of a business can oftentimes be overwhelming and lonely. Our initial coaching sessions with Optimum Focus proved invaluable for establishing work life balance and addressing stress management issues, both of which were impacting on the operational side of the business. We now receive goal setting coaching sessions from Optimum Focus that are excellent for ensuring that we ‘stay on track’; our ‘optimum focus’ being to successfully achieve the goals we have set for 2013. Our thanks to Angela for a job well done!

M Smith Founder of Tropical Connections Ltd

The coaching has enabled me to think clearly and consider all of my options in a constructive way. It has allowed me to focus on my positives and I have enjoyed each and every session. Most of my goals have been achieved and they are others that I am still working on. I feel very positive about reaching them and I would recommend Angela to anyone who wants to consider coaching.

Michelle Teacher’s Assistant, London

Overall I found the coaching experience beneficial. Angela was very good at helping me to identify my needs and working with me to establish a pathway to achieving my goals. I have found it has helped me in many areas of my life and the results have been fantastic. It was great working with Angela, she was very professional, understanding and sensitive to my needs. Offering a positive, enlightening way of helping me to achieve my desired goals. And the benefits have been long lasting. I will be recommending Angela to anyone seeking a professional coach.

Donna Psychology Student, South East London

One of the things that I greatly appreciated, and testament to the strength of Angela’s coaching style, was the clarity and focus that formed a core part of goal setting in each session. Never before have I found the setting and achievement of personal goals so fulfilling! I cannot understate the positive impact that these coaching sessions have had on my life in both a personal and professional sense. I have achieved the majority of the goals that I set for myself, with the remainder as works in progress. I now understand the importance of the way in which objectives are set in order to make them achievable, but it also highlighted to me how much I am in control of my own development and progress. Whilst this has been a personally rewarding experience, I must also acknowledge the value of the forum Angela provided to facilitate my efforts and her coaching approach which was extremely encouraging, supportive and insightful. For this I am most grateful. I would wholeheartedly recommend Angela without reservation.

Emma Insurance Broker, London

I found the coaching sessions to be very helpful as it gave me the means to begin creating structure in my life. I was able through dicussions with my coach Angela to identify areas and aspects of my life which I was unhappy with and wanted to make a change. These areas included career prospects, finance, wellbeing and health. I found through the coaching that I had to be realistic about what I wanted to do by setting out an action plan in order to manage my expectations. Going through this process has given me much more clarity in terms of my life purpose, I feel much more focused with a sense of direction with where I would like to be in the future. Coaching is something that I would highly recommend to others if ever they needed some form of guidance in any aspects of their lives. I found it was great to talk to someone who was impartial and could give you a different perpective that you may not have considered.

Sylvia Creative Arts Facilitator